SQM VITAS is the merger of the two largest companies in Specialty Plant Nutrition and Professional Hygiene in the world market. Through its wide portfolio of products and vast experience in the distribution and marketing of its line of business, SQM VITAS seeks to be an added value partner in its clients’ production chain.
SQM VITAS has important support from its companies; SQM, a recognized world leader in the production of potassium nitrate and water-soluble solutions for Specialty Plant Nutrition, and from the Roullier Group, to which VITAS belongs, leader in the production of Specialty Plant Nutrition for soil direct application and Professional Hygiene. Its activities are based on three fundamental pillars: Research, development, and technical consultancy for its clients.
Objectively, this means delivering a higher range of comprehensive solutions for our clients, being a partner specialized in technical and professional consultancy from the first contact to the product final application, with an efficient distribution and control system for the entire marketing, technical and logistics process.
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